Golf Course Marketing: Three B’s of Selling

The three B’s of selling is very easy to remember, i.e., be bright, be brief and be gone. With that said, I do not always agree with the three B’s of selling.

Be bright, I could not agree more with. You must know your golf products as well as golf services and everything about your golf club that is relevant to the business and to the prospective golfer.

Golfers want to speak to knowledgeable people. They want to be able to get the answers they are looking for and they want the answers to be helpful and accurate. With that said, giving smart information to your golfers and prospective golfers is an absolute must.

Be brief, I also agree with this in terms of what you are saying. You don’t want to give the golfer an information overload. You want to keep it short and simple. You want to make sure you are direct and get the questions answered.

But there are more components to golf professional sales than just being brief. You have to take into consideration the personality type of the golfer. Is he/she a relater, is he/she a socialist is he/she an analytical or is he/she a director? The dominate personality type of the prospective golf member will determine if and when you are allowed to be briefed.

So be brief when possible but make sure you have not neglected to provide the necessary information and education requested by the golfer.

Be gone. This is another step that must be put into context. Yes, I do agree that when it is time to be gone, it is time to let prospects go. This means, once you have done your job thoroughly and professionally then it’s time to let the golfer enjoy the course.

Just don’t be too quick to get away from your prospective golf member because they will then feel you don’t care. You should know the appropriate time when to be gone. Use your gut feeling and let it guide you.

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