Golf Course Marketing Warm Market

Warm marketing and sales is every golf course’s ideal way of selling or marketing their products and services. The reason is, is because this is the easiest form of golf marketing and sales possible. Golfers you have already established a relationship with are your warm market. They are much easier to sell and get enthusiastic about your golf products and/or your golf services because you have already built the reputation of your brand with them and they are already familiar with your ability or knowledge in the golf industry.

Cold marketing, on the other hand, is contacting golfers you don’t have any relationship with whatsoever. These are the golfers you need to establish a relationship with from the very beginning. You need to work on grabbing their attention and informing them about your golf course and then start building a rapport with them. We will discuss this type of golf marketing in future blogs but for now just understand that warm marketing is absolutely the easiest golf marketing and sales that you will ever do.

It is very easy to contact your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, your coworkers, etc., and they are all familiar with your reputation and your brand. You might want to go to our website and get our “Golf free download” ( ) which also has a “buddy referral sheet” perfect for this type of golf marketing. The “buddy referral sheet” gives you the option to give a free round, free cart, or free bucket of golf balls to any golfer that will give you buddy referrals as an incentive for their participation. “Buddy referrals” being that they are their relatives, their friends, their workmates, etc., are all considered as your warm leads because the information regarding your reputation and your brand has already been established in their minds by the referring golfer. You have also gathered their pertinent information, thanks to the “buddy referral sheet” which will help you build your in-house golf marketing lists. Buddy referral programs are the best free golf marketing campaigns ever to exist in the golf industry.

Discover your warm market and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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