Golf Marketing Aspirational Age

Aspirational age as defined by, is a concept from advertising and marketing, and refers to an ideal age whose characteristics consumers aspire to embody. Thus, marketing messages aimed at that target age will resonate with consumers of other ages.

It is said that the aspirational age in Western society is 16 or 17, the cusp between childhood and adulthood. In theory, consumers younger than this age aspire to the maturity and freedom it signifies, while those older than it seek to recapture the (real or imagined) youthfulness and freedom from responsibility of this age. Thus, products pitched at notional 16-year-olds will appeal to a broader target market.

Aspirational age golf marketing is simply marketing to the core emotional needs of the golfer. I have said a thousand times, golfers buy for emotional reasons and justify their purchases for logical reasons. One of the six core emotional needs every golfer wants to experience is variety/excitement. Variety is an emotion you want to be able to tap into.

When incorporating aspirational age golf marketing into your overall golf marketing strategy, always remember that you are marketing to the golfers who want to recapture their youth. Your golfers want to know that playing at your golf course is going to be fun and exciting. They want to know being a member of your golf course can take them back to being a kid again where they are carefree and where they can forget the responsibilities, worries and challenges of everyday life.

Most golfers want to leave their offices and/or troubles behind them and go out to have a great time and recapture their youth on the golf course with their buddies. Their “who cares” attitude about everyday worries is an important aspect of all golf marketing because this is an emotional need every golfer wants to meet.

Be aware of the golfer’s emotional needs and address them in your golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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