Golf Marketing Deceptive Advertising

Deceptive advertising in my book is criminal. There is never a scenario where deceptive advertising is acceptable or even necessary. Deceptive advertising is for example seeing someone advertise a smart phone for $99 and when you get to the store, the staff tells you the smart phone they just advertised is out of stock and they try to upscale you to another smart phone that is far more expensive than the one you saw in the advertisement.

Using the scenario above, the smart phone, if it truly was out of stock is not deceptive advertising but if the advertiser just advertised that special price knowing they only had one or two available and there would be hundreds of people coming to take advantage of this offer and respond to their advertisement, that would absolutely be a deceptive advertisement. That is called “the bait and switch” which is absolutely unethical and illegal. When marketing your golf course, always keep in mind that there are many positive attributes to your golf course that you can highlight and it is absolutely unnecessary to be deceptive.

Think about your strong points; think about what it is the golfer wants, think about how you can satisfy the golfer’s emotional needs, etc. I said it a million times; golfers buy for emotional reasons and justify their purchases with logical reasons.

Marketing your golf course is taking the very best of what you have to offer and shining a spotlight on it and making sure that the golf community is aware of what you have to offer. Marketing your golf facility needs a little bit of creativity and lots of research but never be deceptive.

Research is the key thing when it comes to golf course marketing because if you know your golfer’s wants and needs, you will be able to design your golf marketing campaigns around the positive aspects of your golf product and golf services to where the golfer will want to come in and play a round of golf and see what the golf course has to offer. In no way is deceptive advertising ever acceptable or necessary.

Never deceive the golfers in your community and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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