Golf Marketing ROI (Return On Investment)

If you are in golf marketing and golf advertising, you are going to hear the expression “ROI” often. A lot of business people investing into a golf marketing campaign or golf advertising campaign want to know what is going to be the return on their investment. This is a number you must be able to calculate from the very beginning. You need to know the value of each golfer then work your way back through the numbers to know how much you can afford to invest in your golf marketing campaigns to be able to engage, attract and procure new golfers as well as gauge the ROI.

Return on investment is the most popular financial information that you will want to have concerning your golf marketing and golf advertising campaigns. Most golf course owners are primarily concerned with the bottom-line, i.e., the ROI. They want to know how much the expected return on their investment is when they invest into a golf marketing campaign. Make sure you always have the financials laid out first before launching any golf marketing campaign.

One of the greatest attractions of MMC®’s cash (, EFT ( ) and Elite/ Ambassador ( golf marketing campaigns is they are no-risk and self-funding, therefore, have the greatest ROI. This is important when trying to sell your idea of a golf marketing campaign to your owner(s); he/she wants to know that his/her risk is very minimal and the potential for profit is huge. In most cases this is impossible to prove, fortunately, MMC® has customized golf marketing promotions for over 100 golf properties throughout the United States and has the track record to prove our claims of return on investment.

Learn how to maximize your owner’s ROI through your golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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