Golf Marketing Willingness to Recommend

Willingness to recommend is a metric related to customer (golfer) satisfaction. When a customer (golfer) is satisfied with your golf product or golf service, he or she might recommend it to his or her friends, relatives and colleagues. This willingness to recommend can give you a powerful marketing advantage.

I have said time after time that research can be the most effective and cost-saving investment you can ever have. One of the things that I like to do is to conduct a little survey with the golfers and find out what their level of willingness to recommend is when it comes to promoting the golf course.

With this little piece of research you can find out numerous things like, is the golfer happy, is the golfer willing to recommend you to his/ her friends, what does the golfer like most about the golf course, what does the golfer like least about the golf course, etc. You can put together a short survey, but remember not to ask too many questions; maybe five will do. You can conduct this survey online by doing an email to your in house list.

Let the golfers know that they are going to receive a free bucket of balls or anything that you can offer for taking the time to answer the survey questions. Nobody likes to do anything for free so you always want to make sure that you have some type of incentive to get them to follow through. This survey can help you with your future golf marketing campaigns by using the valuable information you will gather.

You can take the information from this little survey and use it to re-evaluate your golf course and business model. Highlight the areas that you are effective in and continue what you are doing correctly and take immediate action in the areas that you are lacking.

You also can use this information in your golf marketing because you can take some of this information (statements) from your existing golf members and start putting them into your marketing and advertising materials as testimonials. However, before doing this, you have to ask the golfer’s permission first if he or she is willing to be included as one of your testimonials.

People love to know that other people are satisfied with your products and/or services; it’s the same for the golf industry, golfers want to know other golfers are enjoying the golf course.

When someone is willing to recommend you to their family and friends, this means you are doing something right. Your golf member’s willingness to recommend your golf course is an enormous tool to have when engaging new golfers.

Increase your golfer’s willingness to recommend your golf course and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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