Social Media Golf Marketing

Facebook Pros:

  • Facebook allows you to post quality pictures.
  • Facebook has enormous traffic.
  • Facebook traffic is more targeted.
  • Facebook advertising is easier to use than any of those that Google offers like Ad Sense.
  • You don’t need to have an email list.
  • Facebook allows you to post ads even without a website.

Facebook Cons:

  • Low Conversion Rates for E-Commerce because people use Facebook not to read your ad but to communicate with their friends and loved ones.
  • Ad clutter. Because Facebook allows almost everyone to post ads, your ads can be posted with other irrelevant ads.
  • Hard to capture your audience’s full attention since they are chatting, playing or doing something else on Facebook.
  • Facebook has no credibility in their advertisements.

Twitter Pros:

  • More and more people are using Twitter.
  • It allows you to communicate to a large group of people.
  • Great as a quick communication platform.
  • Promote blog and news content of your businesses.
  • The most simple to use of all social media platforms.

Twitter Cons:

  • Twitter is one of the top sites for spammers.
  • Twitter has a privacy statement which admits that they do share your personal information with 3rd party affiliates.
  • Letters and wordings for your ads are very limited.
  • Not all people use or understand Twitter.
  • Twitter can be distracting.

I chose just to highlight Facebook and Twitter for this blog just as examples but there are hundreds of social media sites. Most of them don’t produce benefits worthwhile enough to justify the time taken or the effort made to sign up and register with them. As far as producing any measurable results when it comes to growing your golf facility…well, let’s just say…“be patient”, it’s going to take a while.

You get what you pay for in life; you get back what you put out, and so on. If you are looking to find free golf marketing mediums, they are out there. But if you are looking to launch a golf marketing campaign to grow your golf facility you might want to look at mediums that are going to produce the desired result you want.

Social media is great for what it is, but it has yet to evolve into a great tool for marketing golf courses that rely on their immediate market for their financial freedom.

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