Golf Membership Sales Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections is the process of successfully handling reasons given by prospects/golfers for not buying the salesperson’s offering. Learning to overcome objections in a sales presentation is absolutely crucial to be successful in the professional golf membership sales business.

Every golfer who comes into your golf course is going to have a reason or objection why he/she should not join your golf course today. It is your responsibility to be able to overcome all of the objections the golfer is going to have.

The great thing about being in the golf industry is we already know what the golfer is going to give as a reason why they cannot join today. In most cases these reasons are simple ways of procrastinating in making a decision they have wanted to make for a long time.

Being in the golf business, we are able to see hundreds of golfers and hear their objections. If you simply take time to study them like MMC® has done; you will find there are basically only four objections or reasons why they can’t buy today.

If you are properly trained, you will know these four objections in advance and have at least three or four answers for each objection that will commonly pop up in a professional golf membership presentation and they are, “I don’t know if I have the time”, “I don’t know if I have the money”, “let me speak to my spouse”, and “let me think about it”.

All four of these objections can easily be overcome with logical and emotional reasoning. If you go to MMC®’s site you can receive a free download ( which will give you numerous ways to overcome each objection. When you get your free download, there are mind maps on the interview which will help you determine in advance what the objection most likely will be from the golfer in front of you.

Learn to overcome objections and you will learn to grow your golf property and your golf career.

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