Higher Price Point Golf Marketing

Just because a higher price may mean that golfers perceive your golf products and/or golf services more favorably, it doesn’t mean they will buy it. And since success is based on sales, this approach is still considered a failure if you cannot get people in the door through your golf marketing endeavors at the higher price point.

Consumers are always looking for a bargain and in today’s world of information it is so easy to jump on the Internet and look for the best deals, e.g., green fees, golf memberships. Depending on what the Golfer is looking for determines whether or not you earn his/her green fee play, golf membership revenue, revenue for cart rental, food and beverage revenue, range revenue, lessons revenue, etc.

We must be reminded that only 3% of golfers are core golfers and are willing to commit to a traditional golf membership. With that said, there is also the primary market that is willing to part with their hard earned capital (on a regular basis) to have the privilege to play a round at a golf course that is perceived favorably because of a higher price point. This is not to say some of the 8% (casual golfers) will not be one or two round prospects; but they are not considered likely as golf membership prospects or loyal golfers unless the draw is as much social and prestige as it is golf.

The majority of golfers today have so many golf courses to choose from, it is challenging to get them to commit their loyalty to a single golf course. The best answer to this dilemma is starting with golf market research, local market research, golf industry research, an in-depth competitive overview of your local golf properties and then coming up with an attractive offer to get golfers into your golf course and being professionally trained on how to lock-up the relationship during their first visit since you more than likely will not get a second chance.

The bottom line is if you value your golf property at X and the public values it at Y, you might want to see if it is ego driving your pricing structure or the market.

Incorporate higher price point offers creatively into your golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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