November 2, 2015

Is It Your Marketing or Your Staff?

There is an expression in marketing that you hear from business owners, “I know half of my marketing isn’t working the problem is, I just don’t know which half “. In most cases, it’s probably not the marketing but the sales staff is the ones not working. Most courses only need 50 new golfers a year to be profitable but yet the majority struggle. I put a free download on our web-site way back in 2005 to teach golf staff how to professionally lock-up relationships with golfers. This is a detailed step-by-step system which has been tried and tested for decades (which my team and I are continuously updating) and I have personally sold thousands of memberships using this exact same system but yet I still hear about golf course after golf course floundering each year. The amazing thing to me is, I laid this entire system out in a way even a high school student with limited skill or knowledge could successfully sell a golf membership. Think about it, that is only 1 membership a week and two weeks off for Christmas.  This means if your sales staff is absolutely terrible in sales and only closes 50% of the people they see; all your marketing efforts or their lead generation need to bring in is 2 guests per week. How can it be that any course with such modest needs of growth could possibly be struggling?

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is you want a staff member to perform outside of their skillset and/or capabilities. If they are unable to follow a set of “mind maps” which literally walk them through every step of the sales process; why on earth would you in your wildest dreams think they can be in charge of the most important department of any business in the world i.e., marketing? They have had access to this material and these tools for more than a decade and absolutely free of charge but have still not grown your golf course. Marketing your golf course is the best or worse investment you’ll ever make. But designing and launching a marketing campaign to yield an enormous ROI takes years of experience of real world trial and error. You can’t simply copy what your neighbor is doing; most of the time your neighbor doesn’t know what to do either. Even if your neighbor runs a successful campaign it doesn’t guarantee you’ll experience the same success. There are hundreds of variables that go into a successful golf marketing campaign. Unless you have a proven track record, really deep pockets, real-time data, a proven system, the ability to follow the system, or at least a love for marketing; there are just some areas of business that must be left up to the professionals. If the person you are relying on to grow your business has not grown your business with his/her own original ideas up to this point or hasn’t even went to our site to get the free download to improve their sales acumen; don’t waste any more valuable time, call MMC® today.

You’ve seen our postcards; it’s not a “get rich quick scheme” it’s thinking outside-the-box and redirecting the revenue stream. MMC®’s programs give you the cash you need today and the security you’ll need tomorrow.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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