Success as a Golf Course Marketer

Success is defined by most dictionaries and individuals as, an impressive achievement, especially the attainment of fame, wealth or power. I disagree with this definition. To me success is the pursuit of happiness, enjoying every day with the excitement and enthusiasm of a child in pursuit of a worthwhile goal. Success is not the end result, but the journey in achieving the desired result. If every day you are working towards and making inroads toward achieving your goals, you are, undeniably, successful. On the other hand if you are not actively pursuing your goals you will be on a path to misery.

If golf course marketing is not the passion of your life, you will be miserable in your attempts. Since I have been in the golf industry I have met thousands of Golf Professionals and owners, and hands down, the majority of them absolutely despise marketing and sales. Let me ask you a quick question; if you “despise” marketing and sales, how effective do you think you could possibly be? How creative do you think you will be if you despise something? In some cases they believe golf course marketing is beneath them and their facility. How inspired do you think someone will be if they are asked to perform a task they consider to be beneath them?

Anything done well must be done with love, admiration and appreciation. Success can only be achieved by someone deliberately doing a predetermined job or task of their own choice. Success cannot be obtained by someone who is being forced to do something. Success can only be obtained by someone performing a task in which his/her heart is fully devoted because it is he/she that made the conscientious decision to do so. Think back to your childhood and some of the tasks delegated to you by your parents. I assure you there were some done with much more vigor than others. I also assure you, the tasks done with vigor were done better. This is just a fact of life.

If you love psychology, science, math, history and the good book; if you love helping others get what they want out of life, helping others achieve their goals, problem solving, creativity along with a host of other subjects, you have the makings of a successful golf course marketer. But if you find yourself lacking when it comes to desire; partner with someone who loves golf course marketing and golf membership professional sales.

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